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helping kids excel through showtime basketball

White Shadow’s 2K14 Special Needs Basketball Camp

On July 28th through August 1st I held my summer basketball camp for young people and adults with developmental disabilities. It was held  at the Bath Middle School and Friday was at the Bath YMCA. Thank you to all my volunteer counselors and local sponsors who all helped make this camp possible!

Photo taken by counselor, Gabby Mason

Anyone interested in supporting or volunteering at future camps, please contact me through my contact tab. We need your support!


or call me at (207) 240-8429





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Working with children and adults with special needs for 11 years, I’ve found that the game of basketball can be an amazingly powerful vehicle to help those who live with different challenges. It’s been a help for people that I’ve had in my camps over the years, to help them overcome many of the obstacles that they often struggle with.


Communication, working together as a team to accomplish a goal, following the instructions of a coach or captain, sportsmanship, learning to win and lose gracefully, respect etc. The game instills a sense of self confidence and can boost the self esteem of anyone who is willing to work at it!
My hope is to do many smaller clinics like this in the future.  I’ll be reaching out to schools and agencies around the area to offer therapeutic basketball.  I hope to be able to show people just how therapeutic the game of basketball can be!  Sports is such a wonderful way to communicate. There are so many things that sports, and the game of basketball specifically, can teach us all about life!

Thank you to everyone who had a hand in helping me with this camp, I truly appreciate your support!

God Bless,

Jason Gibbons

Performing and Speaking For The Portland Sea Dog’s Education Day

Photo taken by Shelley Chappell

Photo taken by Shelley Chappell


I was excited to be invited back to perform and speak at this year’s Education day for the Portland Sea Dog’s! There were close to 3,000 students in attendance and they were a fun crowd to work with! I spoke about taking advantage of the educational opportunities that they have and I tried to give them some perspective about the advantages that are at their fingertips. I talked about how most children around the world would love to have the types of resources that they often take for granted. How many countries send their brightest students to America to strengthen or further their education because of the amazing opportunities that we have here.

I also tried to encourage the students to find the strength to overcome the negative influences that exist everywhere they look! I explained how that if they’re brave enough to make the right choices in life, they will develop a strength and a character that they’ll need to put in the work that’s necessary to achieve their dreams and goals! I felt like I was able to connect with them and I hope they got what I was trying to give them but even if there was only one student that was inspired to take a stand for what they know is right, it was worth it!

Thank you Courtney Rague and the Portland Sea Dogs for all that you do to give back to the kids here in Maine! There is nothing more important than empowering our kids with the knowledge they need to be successful! I appreciate you allowing me to be a part of the work that you do to help promote the value of a good education! From a die hard Red Sox/Sea Dogs fan for life, I appreciate you allowing me to come out and have some fun with your fans today!

Special thanks to my manager, Shelley Chappell for your help today! You’re the best!!!

Working with Bailey’s Grove Baptist Church in North Carolina

Gibbons and “Gator” Rivers

It was a thrill to bring my programs to one of the greatest hot beds of basketball in America today, North Carolina. I use the artistry of showtime basketball to open up the door of communication with young people in schools, churches, camps, community events and wherever else the doors open. Whether it’s through a Harlem Globetrotter Legends’ game or on my own, the goal is always the same…to use the game of basketball to help churches and local outreach organizations, to reach their community with a positive message. That’s always first and foremost.

During the first week of October I was able to work with 21 public schools in Asheboro. With the strong support of Bailey’s Grove Baptist church and Pastor Jon Shook, we were able to reach thousands of young people. Many powerful decisions were made that week! Thank you to everyone that had a hand in all that was done throughout the week. Special thanks to Jason Hamilton, BGBC’s youth pastor, for going above and beyond all week long!

We addressed subjects such as cyber safety, stranger danger, bullying/cyber bullying, substance abuse, the value of education, goal setting, hard work etc. In many assemblies we asked the student body to take a pledge on the issues that I spoke about. I truly feel like we connected with each and every student body that we were able to speak to. I’ve recieved many emails from students who looked me up online and expressed their appreciation for the message that I brought to their school.

We announced at each assembly that we were holding a free community event that following Saturday as well. We were able to fly in basketball legend and 18 year Globetrotter veteran, Larry “Gator” Rivers to perform with me. He is one of the most talented performers that I’ve ever been around and he had the crowd of 1,000 plus in stitches all night! Hundreds of decisions were made that night and it was a perfect ending to a wonderful week! Thank God for churches like Bailey’s Grove Baptist and the heart of their people! Together I believe we made a tremendous impact on the Asheboro/Randleman community and I hope to have the opportunity to visit there again someday!

Performing with the great Meadowlark Lemon

“The Clown Prince of Basketball” Meadowlark Lemon

On June 21st, 22nd & 23rd, I had the honor of working with one of my childhood heroes, Meadowlark Lemon. If you ask me, he is hands down one of the greatest and most influential figures in the history of sports.

If you’re my age or younger, chances are that you probably don’t know the amazing impact that Meadowlark and the early Globetrotters have had all over the world. If you are old enough to have seen him perform live or on abc’s ‘wild world of sports’ than you understand. Regardless of your age, chances are that you, much like my 5 and 7 year old daughters have watched him on Saturday morning sit com reruns or on Scooby doo!

His love of the Lord and his passion to reach people with the gospel have always driven him. So much infact that last weekend, at the age of 80, he was still spreading that joy in Wells and Windham, Maine, where I had the honor of meeting him. He still suits up and plays, his hook shot is still on point and his comedy is as sharp as it ever was!I’d only seen him in person once before but I’ve heard many stories about him from some of my teammates that have played with him. It was a true honor to learn from the most legendary member of the Harlem Globetrotter of all time!


Meadowlark is in a league of it’s own! But who is the greatest?

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Show in Lisbon at Open Door Bible Baptist

I’m really looking forward to my next event on June 9th at 10:45am! It will be held in the brand new gymnasium of the Open Door Bible Baptist church, address and contact info below. We’ll have give aways, singing and games for all ages. I will perform my show and set up a table afterwards. I will stay until every single autograph is signed or picture is taken. Whether you’re 5 or 95, you’re welcome to come in and enjoy the show. The best part is that the event is being hosted by the O.D.B.B church of Lisbon and is 100% free to the public! Don’t miss out!


FMI Contact: Open Door Bible Baptist Church 26 Gartley St  Lisbon, ME 04250 (207) 353-2268

Performing at the Maine State Prison

It was great to have the opportunity to perform and share my testimony with the inmates at the state prison on Friday May 17th. I was taken back by how appreciative the men were, they listened to every word and many made some great decisions! Looking forward to returning there again.

My first game with the Harlem Legends

My first game with the Harlem Legends was very special for me because of the fact that it was played in the hometown of the man who signed me last month, 16 year Globetrotter and a man that I’ve looked up to for many years, Larry “Gator” Rivers. I knew I was playing for a first class organization when we rode to the arena as the grand marshals in a parade. ”Gator” was beaming with pride as he rofe through Savanaah and then opened the show for the community that has invested so much into. I had the honor of taking the floor with the legendary Globetrotter, Tyrone “Hollywood” Brown, as well as “Tree” Gordan and several other former Globetrotters.


I knew I was running with some legendary players in this game but there was a sequence of trick shots in the 3rd quarter that showed me exactly how special these guys are. Tyrone “Hollywood” Brown on consecutive plays, made back to back set shots from beyond half court! The next trip down, they gave me the ball I swished my 1/2 court “no look” shot, but “Hollywood” wasn’t done, he grabbed the ball, called time out, went up into the crowd about 8 rows deep and swished the most amazing ‘in game’ trick shot that I’ve ever seen in my life on his first attempt! When that shot went in, to top off that sequence, Gator slapped me on the back and said, “you know what I’m talking about now son?” So I will always be loyal to Gator and will never forget my first experience with this small fraternity of basketball royalty!

Left to right:
“Tree” Gordan, Meadowlark Lemon, “Hollywood” Brown

Joining the “Harlem Globetrotter Legends”

I’ve always had a lot of respect for the guys who went before me years ago and blazed the trail for basketball showmen like myself to be able to do the types of things that I do today. There are a handful of these trailblazers who I consider to be some of the greatest legends that the game has ever known. Men who not only changed the way that most people would look at the game of basketball, but they played a major role in the way many people would look at the human race. Most of us are well aware of the role that early Harlem Globetrotters played in racial integration and anyone who knows their history can tell you about the humanitarian work that these basketball pioneers have done all around the world as well.  But not as many are aware that there is a team that is still touring today, called the “Harlem Legends” whose roster features some of members from some of those early Globetrotter teams. [Read the rest of this entry...]

Teaming Up With “Gator” Rivers in New Mexico

What an honor it will be to perform along side one of the great basketball legends of all time on January 14th through the 20th in Albuquerque, New Mexico when I team up with Larry “Gator” Rivers!  He along side, Meadowlark Lemon, Curly Neal, Marcus Haynes and many others, took the artistry of show-time basketball all over the world to entertain, engage but most importantly, to educate. The role that the Harlem Globetrotters played in the our nation’s perception of African Americans would have ripple effects that can be felt today.  While it may not have been their intention from the outset, the Globetrotters played a much larger role in racial integration, than they were ever given credit for.  They have been recognized by sitting presidents and world leaders for their humanitarian work that continues, in many different forms, to this very day!   The fact that guys like myself, in 2013, are still benefiting from their work is a testament to those early Globetrotters. My story is just one example of many, who have benefited from these basketball pioneers.   These men took the game that  had been handed down to them, added their own creative flair, scene of humor and brazen showmanship, to create what people all over this world have enjoyed for generations, the wholesome, beauty of show-time basketball!


Im looking forward to meeting Larry “Gator” Rivers in person and thank him for all he’s done to help pave the way for me!  I’ve done just enough homework to learn about the things that these original members accomplished. Some of the buildings they played in didn’t permit black man to enter in.  They collected their checks and often left immediatly after the game when the hotels were “whites only.”  They heard the slurs and the gears from the crowds as they played but even the staunchest racists had to respect their talent as they demolished one NBA team after another in their friendly, yet often fiercely competitive, exhibition games.  After a while, their talent couldn’t be denied, their antics forced a smile on the faces of all who watched!  Eventually, people noticed how they often used their popularity to help those in need.  Slowly but surely, the tides of acceptance and understanding began to wash over the walls of hate and ignorance that had stood for many years. [Read the rest of this entry...]

Bouncing Out Bullying Event Set to Return to Bath in August

 ”Bouncing out Bullying” is set to return to the town of bath on August 10th at 6pm. A list of games and contests for all ages is listed below.  This year’s show will be hosted by ‘Teens of America’ and we will be fundraising throughout the area to provide the community with T.O.A.’s magazines about the dangers of bullying.  The event is free to the public and will provide not only students but parents as well, with the resources to help combat the issue of bullying/cyber bullying that is terrorizing young people today.  We are welcoming back the most decorated martial artist in the state of Maine, martial arts hall of famer, and 2010 gold medalist from the USA Martial Arts team, Master Ed Hall.  His demonstration team, ‘Team Extreme’ is set to perform once again this year.

Our keynote speaker will be a young man named Dax Catalano. When a cyber bullying incident spiraled out of control, it nearly cost Dax his life. He will be sharing his story for the very first time in public at our event.  Below is a link to Dax’s story on wcsh 6:


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